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Frequently Asked  Questions

Q: Can you take more than 6 guests?

A: 6 is the maximum (regardless of age, size or weight).

Q: Will you take other people with us if we don’t have 6 people in our group?

A: Unlike large tour operators, you won't be sharing your trip with strangers. When you charter our boat, it is reserved just for you and those in your party in addition to your licensed captain.

Q: Do I need to know how to swim?

A: Yes. All guests who are entering the water do need to know how to swim.

Q: What's included in our trip? 

A: All trips include a spacious cooler with ice & bottled water. Complimentary reef-safe sunscreen & towels. 

   *A personal swim guide will enter the water and lead your tour if you wish.

Q: What equipment is included in our snorkeling trip?

A: We supply all snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and flotation devises).

Q: Can we bring our own beverages and food?

A: Yes. We have a very spacious built-in cooler. If you bring alcoholic beverages, for your safety we allow these to be consumed after snorkeling activities are complete. During sandbar trips & sunset cruises, consumption of alcohol is at your own discretion.

We appreciate guests not bringing red wine aboard as it has a tendency to stain the interior of the boat. 

Q: How much time will we be snorkeling?

A: Our boat is strategically located only a short distance from the reef. This allows our guests adequate time to truly experience the reef with approximately  1.5 hours of actual time in the water.

Q: Is your crew vaccinated for Covid?

A: Yes. All crew have been vaccinated.

Q: How often is your snorkeling gear sanitized?

A: All gear is sanitized before each trip.

Q: Is there a head (bathroom) on the boat?

A: No. However, there are restroom facilities available to use at our marina. 

Q: Are pets or service animals allowed?

A: We love "furry" friends! For their safety, we do not allow animals nor service animals on our vessel. The PET MOTEL in Key Largo has very reasonable rates.

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