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Eco  Tour

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The Florida Keys draw visitors from around the world to admire the many unique species of native wildlife & sea life. Step aboard for a round trip from one side of the island to the other while observing many of the beautiful areas surrounding Key Largo. We will begin our journey from the southern side of the island, admiring the immensity and sheer beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy a scenic passage through the natural mangrove sanctuaries that are home to an array of native birds, fish, manatee and dolphin. Continue on through the center of Key Largo on the iconic manmade waterway observing impressive local architecture, the "Little Venice of Key Largo," nestled atop massive structures of fossilized coral. Then we'll cruise the waters of The Florida Bay observing many of the popular local waterfront restaurants that you may choose to visit during your time on the island. 

This tour is a fantastic way to encounter local sea life & to observe much of the beautiful areas surrounding the island. 

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