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Captain Stewys Charters Pirate Island Adventure MAP.jpg

Captain  Stewy's 

Pirate  Island  Family Adventure

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Arrrrrr Matey. Join your crew for a scenic voyage, from the Atlantic Ocean, we’ll travel through the central part of Key Largo’s beautiful mangrove waterways and out across the sparkling seas and along the numerous islands of the Everglades National Park. Here you will discover the uninhabited Captain Stewy’s Pirate Island surrounded by shallow, blue turquoise waters where dead men tell no tale.

Immerse yourself into this Oasis of sun, sand and sea. Enjoy swimming, floating on your massive Lilypad (King of the Mountain), and pillaging the island.

Put on your eye-patch, grab your map and embark on a guided pirate treasure hunt in search of a real "buried" chest.

Our boat is equipped with a Bluetooth full surround stereo system and a spacious cooler. Your family's slice of heaven in the Florida Keys not to be missed.

Captain Stewys Pirate Island Family Adventure.jpeg
Captain Stewys Charters Pirate Island Adventure.jpg
Captain Stewys Charters Pirate Island Adventure MAP.jpg
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